Why Sort Your Kid’s Halloween Candy

Did you know that its National Dental Hygiene Month?


Dental X-Rays and Your Health

X-rays, otherwise known as #dental radiographs, are a staple of quality dental care. While x-rays bring undeniable advantages when it comes to identifying and diagnosing potential health issues, some may harbor reservations regarding the risks of exposure to radiation. Fortunately we can ease those concerns and serve as a resource for understanding radiography, so you can feel #confident receiving excellent care.

Tooth Extractions Due to Dental Decay

In even the healthiest of mouths, there is a constant battle between good and evil – well, a constant battle between your teeth and harmful bacteria, which is virtually the same. Every time you eat, particles and bacteria are introduced into your oral ecosystem. The bacteria are fueled by sugars and other substances, which then […]

Why A Hard/Soft Tissue Graft?

When it comes to the health and beauty of smiles, some patients may be candidates for tissue grafting procedures. This form of treatment is used to replace the hard or soft tissues of the mouth that have been damaged or reduced. There are both medical and cosmetic motivations for a patient to receive a tissue […]

5 Reasons to See a Periodontist

Most of us are well-versed with our trips to the general dentist and why regular cleanings are an important part of health care. However, teeth and all of their relating components are complicated systems requiring the help of several specialists – no matter the issue, there is a doctor that can help you! The doctor […]

Gum Disease and Heart Disease

It’s your dentist’s job to tell you about the health of your mouth, and we know that can get a little dry. But did you realize your oral health may actually affect your heart health?? Although researchers are still establishing exactly how this connection works, there is a lot of evidence to suggest those with […]

5 Candy Alternatives That Will Keep Trick-or-Treaters Smiling

Treat Trick-or-Treaters to a Healthy Treat This Season The fall season brings an amazing amount of fun activities for you and your family. From the excitement of Halloween, to school fall festivals, kids and parents alike look forward to the cool weather and family memories. Unfortunately, Halloween and fall festivals can also do a number […]